Things to Consider

Tax Credits?

  • The ACA (Affordable Care Act) created Advanced Premium Tax Credits to make health insurance premiums more affordable for middle class families.
  • Connect for Health Colorado is the only place for Coloradans to apply & receive tax credit.

Tax Credits

Open Enrollment?

  • Everyone, regardless of health, is guaranteed access to health insurance.
  • Open Enrollment is a specific time to enroll in health insurance: November 1st – January 12th.

Note: Open Enrollment is shorter than in years past

  • A Special Enrollment is available if you have a Qualifying Event

    that causes you to lose health insurance.

open enrollment

Tax Penalty?

  • The Government requires everyone to have ACA approved health insurance or pay a penalty (some exceptions apply).)
  • The Individual Penalty is $695 or 2.5% of adjusted gross income – whichever is higher!

Tax Penalties

Do You Qualify for Financial Assistance?

Family Size
Less Than 138% FPL* Qualifies for Medicaid
Less Than 250% FPL* Qualifies for CHP+
Less Than 400% FPL* Qualifies for a Tax Credit
Each Additional Person
*  FPL stands for Federal Poverty Level

Financial Options

Don’t Qualify for Financial Assistance?  Shop Direct with a Free Confidential Quote.

Medical plans only available in Denver Metro area

Looking for an Alternative to the Affordable Care Act?

  • Altrua HealthShare is a faith based cost sharing alternative to ACA approved health insurance. Because it is faith based, it is exempt from the ACA mandates and tax penalty. You must file IRS Tax Form 8965 to receive the exemption.
  • This product is “underwritten” – meaning, like pre-ACA traditional health insurance, you must meet the stringent health guidelines to be accepted.
  • Altrua functions similar to insurance, but it is important to note Altrua is NOT insurance. It is important to read all details and limitations of coverage in making this decision.
  • Altrua HealthShare – Disclaimer & Legal Notices – Please Read.


Short term health insurance policies are designed to provide temporary health insurance coverage during unexpected gaps in coverage.


Apply anytime – no need for a qualifying event:

  • Missed open Enrollment – no problem.
  • Changed employers and new coverage starts after 60 days.  Provides “emergency” coverage during the gap.
  • Coverage can start in 1 day.

Cost is usually less that 1/2 of an ACA plan!
Large Networks.


Not ACA approved and subject to tax penalty:

  • 2.5% of adjusted gross income.
  • $695/individual or $2085/family.
  • Whichever is higher!

Underwritten ~ you must be healthy to qualify for coverage.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered (including pregnancy).

Short Term Health Insurance Plans
do NOT meet the minimum essential coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, and may result in a tax penalty.