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Life Insurance is a Hard Topic

An ideal time to review your life insurance is before or after a major life event:

Being Single


Getting Married

Getting Married

New Home

Buying a New Home

New Family Member

New Family Member

New Job or Career

New Job/Career

Life Event - Retirement



Commonly Asked Questions

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  • Term Life provides coverage for a specific period of time (term). i.e. 10, 20 or 30 years. If you pass during the “term”, your beneficiary (named loved one) receives a death benefit.
  • Least expensive coverage option
Whole life provides lifelong coverage and includes an investment component that grows in “cash value”.
  • Employer coverage is a great start, but is it enough to protect your loved ones in your absence?
  • What if you change jobs?
  • What if you develop a health condition? Most life insurance requires a physical exam to qualify for coverage.
  • Having life insurance privately and through your employer is a great combination to ensure the availability of long term coverage.
This amount varies greatly from person to person. Things to consider include:

  • The cost of final expenses – an average funeral costs $6000.
  • Current Debt – credit cards, student loans, mortgage, car loans, etc.
  • Future Expenses – lifestyle, college tuition, children’s’ wedding, etc.

The amount of life insurance you need is . . . what you can afford long term. If you can afford $10/week, get that coverage. Too many people enroll in a policy to cover every expense only to cancel after a few years when they cannot afford the payment.  Add more when you can.

  • For Term Life Insurance, the premium will remain the same for the life of the policy.
  • Many Whole Life policies also have a consistent payment that does not change.  Some policies can have a variable payment structure.

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